Security in our WiFi networks is something that worries most users, it is not a good taste for someone to get access to our network and take advantage without our consent. To avoid this, there are several tools with which we can throw intruders from our WiFi network , improving our speed and latency, as well as strengthening our privacy.

On the internet we can find different methods to protect our WiFi network from other users to whom we have not given them access. Most of these so-called tricks to expel WiFi thieves do not work or need a more complete paid version. Although the truth is that there is a free way in which you yourself have full control and also do not need complex programs.

The easiest method to expel intruders from your WiFi

To start protecting our WiFi network, the first thing we have to do is download a program on our computer , with which we can know different data of the devices that are connected to our WiFi connection. This step could skip it, but then we would have to go checking device by device the data that this program offers us in a few seconds.

The program that we must download and install is called Advances IP Scanner , a completely free software for our computer. The installation is also very easy to complete, giving the current permits and advancing in the following.

Once we have finished installing the program that will allow us to eject intruders from our WiFi network, we have to open it, to begin completing the following steps in this tutorial.

Advanced IP Scanner, know the MAC address of your devices

Once we access the program, we must press the start button , which will begin to work and generate a list of devices connected to our WiFi network. To make it more simple and practical, the program itself is able to identify the brand of the devices, especially smartphones, gadgets and home automation products.

Now that we know the different products that are connected to our WiFi network, we can take the next step, identify which device we want to leave without access to our WiFi connection. This mission is based on the discard, if we only have a Huawei device, obviously the other is from a person who should not have access. To make sure which of them is our device, we have to take our Huawei smartphone and go to the settings, in the search engine we can enter the word MAC and from there we can know which is ours, to go to the next step.

Our router is the key that we must use

Once we know the device we want to remove, we must copy the MAC address , to go to the next step, where we will prevent access to our connection. For this we must write the following address in the browser: is the most common address in home routers, from it we will have access to the internal configuration of our router, allowing us to perform various actions. How can you verify, it is protected by a user and a password, which if you have not changed it, will be one of the following:

User: admin Password: admin

User: 1234 Password: 1234

If none of these have worked, you can take a look at other configurations that may solve the problem.

Once inside our router, the aspect may vary, although we only have to focus on finding the Security> MAC Filter section.

Once we access, you will have the possibility to deactivate access to the WiFi connection of all those devices that you have not recognized, although be careful because you could even block access to your own device if you do not choose the correct options, in this case, the best It will reset the router with a stick.

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