Protect personal data and allow access to blocked content

Anyone who uses social networks today knows the general propensity to share a great deal of information about private life. Especially in the youngest public, it is very common to constantly publish updates about the location, events and people you meet. But this custom can be very dangerous and this does not seem to worry most people.

Theft of information, impersonation, harassment or extortion and the extraction of financial information are just some of the computer crimes that can be the victim of any normal person who uses the web carelessly. For worse, many people know about these dangers but choose to disregard them for believing that their information is not of interest to hackers.

However, these attacks can happen to anyone, and in fact they are more common than it seems at first glance, as the El Universal portal recently published . Because they are much less protected, some cyber criminals choose to attack ordinary people rather than large companies that resort to important security measures to avoid hacking or fraud.

In particular, browsing on pages where you enter your financial, credit card or bank accounts such as Paypal, Netflix or Spotify is very problematic. These platforms are in principle safe, but much more important companies have been victims of information theft in the past.

In the black market, databases are highly sought after, and not just for commercial scams. There are also those who buy information to carry out dirty targeted marketing campaigns. For this it is very useful to know the age, region, sex and economic level of the users, and it is this type of data that is most easily obtained in sites with low computer security.

Faced with these concerns, virtual private networks – or VPN , for its acronym in English – have emerged for some time. These programs can be downloaded to mobile devices and computers, and allow you to protect personal data while hiding the IP address to avoid content blocking, censorship or targeted advertising.

However, as always when a quality and useful service for the general public is born, false copies of this product also arise, with evil or at least doubtful intentions. This is the case of free VPNs, which are known to hide information on public servers easily accessible to hackers and other cybercrime agents in many cases.

Even some of these companies are directly responsible for selling to the highest bidder the data packages they swear to protect. The only way to avoid these setbacks is to use a paid VPN. They are accessible and fully trusted, and effectively protect user data.

The expert web in VPN security VPN Paradise has published a report with the best VPNs to navigate in Mexico where private network offers are rigorously analyzed according to factors such as their cost, connection speed, the number of countries in which it is available, its security protocols and the means of payment available.

How VPNs work and what they are for

VPNs or private virtual networks act as an intermediary between the user and a server hosted somewhere in the world, outside the country where the user uses them. Through this triangulation, it is possible to adopt the IP address of that server and thus make the page where you navigate that the geographical location is different.

In addition to this, VPNs encrypt all information so that it cannot be intercepted or decrypted. The uses of these networks are many and there are commercial, labor and personal.

For example, many international companies use them to allow their employees to access their servers. In this way, they can carry out their work from anywhere in the world without being tied to a regional office.

In some countries of the world where state control is so powerful that it even reaches the web, VPNs become extremely important. It is the case of China or Iran, where the use of some networks such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Youtube is prohibited. The inhabitants of these nations resort to private networks to report abuses and organize and communicate with each other avoiding censorship.

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