Recently, one of Nintendo’s most important mobile franchises came to mobiles through the ‘Fire Emblem: Heroes’ application . But if you live in Colombia, you will also know that this content is not available for the region, which surely has excluded you from spending hours invoking heroes or gathering orbs.

You can download vpn apk

There is always the possibility to download the APK file to play (as many did with ‘Pok√©mon Go’ last year), but there are those who, for one reason or another, prefer to download the application directly from the Google Store. For them there is an option through which they can ‘cheat’ the app store and access content that is not available in the country where you live using a VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is, in simple terms, a service that allows you to use a private connection to connect to the internet. Although there are many advantages to using a VPN (one of the most prominent being that allows to protect the information handled through public networks) for purposes of this article its use is limited to preventing the connection from being traced to a location, allowing thus access restricted content for your country.

Most applications of this type on the Internet handle a mixed payment model, in which it allows the installation of the app and a limited use of data per month, after which the user must cancel an amount to continue using it.

Keep in mind that using this type of application has its risks. Last year one of the cases related to this type of services was that of Hola , a free vpn chrome service, which ended up involving its users with a denial of service to the 8chan web service. Connection speed can also be a problem if it is used to watch videos not available in your country.

How to use a VPN App?

The first thing is to choose an application from the multiple available. Some of the most popular apps of this type are Vypr VPN , FlashVPN , Hideman VPN , SpeedVPN and TunnelBear VPN . It is advisable to find an application whose interface is simple and friendly for you (which is why TunnelBear has always been one of my favorites). These services usually allow you to choose the country to which you want to change the location of your connection, so you must choose the place where the content you are looking for is available.

But it is not enough to install and activate it. After you have activated it, you must access the settings option, select applications, then Google Play Store, force the application to stop and then enter the storage option, from where you must clear the data and cache. Without performing these steps it will not be possible to download the app you want.

Another key point is not to search for the application directly from the store, but to go to Google and search from there for the application you wish to download, otherwise the user will not find the app you are looking for.

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